Bathroom furnishings

So you can easily carry out your modern bathroom renovation!

To many, bathroom renovation sounds like sheer torture that could cost the world. There are certain mandatory rules and steps that will surely lead you to successful implementation. In doing so, you could achieve very modern results without spending too much. In this article you can find some kind of guide for that. In addition, this guide leaves enough space for your own creativity.

You could renovate all or part of the bathroom

Pleasant shades for the floor and for the walls bathroom ideas

Bathroom renovation step by step

Who will renovate your bathroom?

Choosing the craftsmen who will renovate the bathroom is probably the most important thing. If they are professional and reliable, you can advise them extensively and professionally. Get someone who has hands-on experience with them to recommend a craftsman or company.

The most important criteria for a successful project are:

  • Deadlines and budget were met,
  • The final appearance of the bathroom is as expected,
  • There was extensive advice on important details,
  • Communication was flowing.

It is worth spending a little more money to ensure that all of these criteria are met. So the investment will definitely pay off. The opposite is also true: if you make a significant compromise on these points, you will likely have to invest time and money retrospectively.

When it comes to bathroom renovation, start with your budget first

Bathroom ideas - bathroom design with a green plant

The financial planning

Make a realistic estimate of how much you can spend on bathroom renovation. Let yourself be advised by the craftsmen who will carry out the project. There are sure to be details that you will otherwise miss out on. In this way, you can by no means assess for yourself how much the work will actually cost. When you have a ready budget, calculate ten percent of it and keep this amount on hand as a reserve.

You need a design that fits your floor plan exactly

Bathroom ideas - gray and brown on the wall design

The design project

In the next step, in bathroom renovation, move on to drafting a design project. Ideally, you should hire a professional interior designer for this. This is mandatory, especially for small bathrooms with tricky floor plans. What you will achieve with it is not just an original stylistic design. Interior design experts will also simply make the most of your own floor plan. You are able to pair the style you want with perfect ergonomics. In the end, you will likely save on unnecessary purchases. Often there is a tendency to integrate furniture units at home that look appealing in themselves, but are totally unsuitable for your own interior design.

When it comes to fittings and furniture, you strive for the best possible price-performance ratio

Bathroom ideas - great huge tiles

Design your own ideas

You shouldn’t leave everything in the hands of your interior designer. Get fresh ideas for your bathroom renovation from Pinterest or other sources. In this way you will find out for yourself what kind of style you actually want. Incidentally, this is also a good guide for the professional designer. He certainly has several bathroom ideas in mind, which to choose from.

Dramatic design ideas make many bathrooms look particularly elegant

Bathroom ideas - blue design and great lighting

Checking the installation of electricity and water

Before you start renovating your bathroom, you should definitely check the condition of the electricity and water installation. You need to find out on this matter whether they are really in perfect condition. If that is not the case, now is the right time to renovate it. Incidentally, the repair of these almost inevitably leads to the renewal of the bathroom. Electricity and water installations have to work perfectly so that you are safe in the bathroom.

Comfortable bathrooms are becoming more and more the standard

Bathroom ideas tile patterns with great design

Floor and wall design of the bathroom renovation

Nowadays we have a lot of leeway in the design of floor and wall surfaces. E.g. the tiles do not all have to have the same colors and patterns. You could artfully combine several of these. Because the creative designs are totally modern. This allows you to freshen up even part of the floor or vertical surfaces. When designing the floor and walls, you cannot compromise on the quality of the materials. Slip resistance is a top priority that ensures safety. Continue to choose material that is easy to care for. This saves you time and money in the long run. Even with the most practical materials, there are currently several playful combinations of colors and patterns. So you could boldly experiment with different finishes and materials. Strive for a balance between functionality and an attractive appearance!

Clever combinations of textures are perfect solutions for modern bathrooms

Bathroom ideas bright design

The lighting

Are you already convinced that from the point of view of security everything is perfect with the water and electricity installation? Now you can move on to the next stage in the development of the lighting concept. This is to ensure that you feel really comfortable in your new bathroom. The lighting must be pleasant at the same time and ensure that you do not injure yourself due to restricted visibility. Here you will find specific tips on the subject of bathroom lighting.

Artful wall design ideas can put some damaged areas back in order

Bathroom ideas Combination of many natural materials

Wash basins and bathroom fittings

Sinks and bathroom fittings are one of those things in the bathroom that should be replaced more often. The variety of materials and designs is huge. The best choice would be a price-performance ratio that is tailored to your own budget. Remember that the cheaper the price and the longer the guarantee, the later you will have to replace it.

Before starting the renovation, replace the electricity and water installations

Bathroom ideas light shadow effects

Achieve more comfort in bathroom design

The homely character of the bathroom is increasingly coming to the fore. Design pieces full of character are becoming more and more accessible to the common consumer. In the last few years, the wood look has become very popular. In addition, people like to use upholstered materials and fabrics. The combination of these two makes for an extremely comfortable mood. If you don’t plan to invest too much, you could also add strong accents to the decoration. Creative storage space design, jewelry with vases and flowers, as well as any kind of art will help. Also fill the room with pleasant aromas. This kind of design is super modern at the moment.

Simple design can be complemented by great decoration

Bathroom ideas furniture ideas as couples on the walls

The most important rules of success at a glance

If you follow all of these steps in performing the bathroom renovation, you can achieve the result you want in the end. In addition, you should keep the following rules in mind, namely:

  • Take the time to look at enough materials, fittings, furniture, accessories and decorative items;
  • Make safety a priority in your work;
  • Make sure that the water and electricity installations are intact;
  • Talk to several craftsmen, get references and look at their finished projects if possible;
  • If you have a limited budget, stick to the simple look with accents so that your design looks high-quality and individual at the same time.

If you follow all these steps and rules, you can make the functionality of the bathroom more subtle in favor of a homely character. You can see this kind of look in all kinds of bathroom renovation items on the market. So it is easier than ever before to have a bathroom that scores well in terms of both functionality and comfort. Treat yourself to that!

Would you like to combine luxury and simplicity for the next bathroom renovation like here??

Bathroom ideas renovation from the floor

Bathroom ideas great red partition

Bathroom ideas sink with wood look

Bathroom ideas accent bathtub made of marble

You can use different materials for the wall design

Bathroom ideas brown and white in interior design

Bathroom ideas dramatic bathroom renovation

Bathroom ideas gray and green in interior design

Bathroom ideas light rose ideas

Bathroom ideas with great accent and storage space

The neutral character can be spiced up with just a few accents

Bathroom ideas Modern lighting and mirror effects

Bathroom ideas Modern colors and granite optics

Bathroom ideas natural stone design

Bathroom ideas vertical gray surfaces - great accents in white

Dramatic bathroom wall design ideas

Carefully consider the color palette for your next bathroom renovation

Dark blue tile bathroom ideas

Light space and mirror surfaces bathroom ideas

Ideas for furniture bathroom ideas

Wall ideas wooden black bathtub bathroom ideas