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Buy, use and care for washing machines properly

Buy, use and care for washing machines properly

The washing machine is an indispensable household appliance. In order for it to provide loyal service for as long as possible, it should not only be carefully selected, but also used correctly and maintained regularly. With the right approach, the device becomes a long-lasting household helper.

Buy washing machines properly use and maintain washer dryers

How to correctly choose the machine

There are many factors to consider when buying a new washing machine. In addition to the capacity, program selection and energy efficiency play a role. The following list explains the most important purchase criteria:

  • Program selection: It doesn’t have to be 20 different programs, but a certain minimum range of options is advantageous in view of the different laundry requirements.

    In addition to a quick program, programs for cottons, delicates, wool, mixed laundry, hand wash and easy-iron results are useful. An eco program should not be missing today either. In addition, it should be possible to select spin cycles and pumping processes separately.

  • Energy efficiency: The higher the energy efficiency, the more economical an electrical appliance. Since the washing machine is one of those devices that are constantly in use, it should use very little electricity and water. The energy efficiency class can be set via the Energy label recognize which one has been introduced by the EU and must be attached to the devices by manufacturers. The label is intended to make it easier for consumers to make a purchase decision. In addition to stationary retail, online shops like the household appliance supplier Place the energy efficiency label for washing machines clearly visible on the relevant product information pages. The currently best energy efficiency class for washing machines is A +++. The water consumption should not be neglected and should be examined critically.
  • Handling: To make everyday life easier, washing machines must be easy to use. It is therefore important to ensure that the drum and detergent drawer open easily, that the control dial is easy to use and that programs can be selected quickly.
  • noise: A difference of ten decibels makes a big difference in terms of noise development. Washing machines should not spin above 74 decibels for spinning and 51 decibels for washing.
  • material: Given the huge range of products, it is difficult to find a high-quality device at a reasonable price. While some devices are overly expensive, others with cheap components and poor workmanship stand out negatively. There are a few indicators that make it easier to identify a good machine. For example, the elements of the locking mechanism on the washing machine door should not be made of plastic, but of durable alternatives such as metal. Plastics can break faster and spare parts and repairs are necessary earlier.
  • Capacity: The capacity of washing machines is between three and twelve kilograms. The table provides information on recommendations:




Small models with three to five kilogramsare ideal for single households. However, a machine that weighs five kilograms is recommended as it offers more flexibility.


Larger versions of six to seven kilograms 2- to 3-person households benefit.


If four or more people live in a household, they would be machines from eight kilograms advisable. Large families with particularly high requirements can use devices weighing more than nine kilograms.

Buy washing machines correctly, use and maintain a program

Use washing machines sensibly

Laundry should not only be clean, but also relieve the household budget at the same time. A few tricks can be used to effectively reduce operating costs. For example, it is advisable to always fill the drum full or to load the machine so that the maximum for the respective program is reached. That saves water and electricity. With high quality detergentscan also use the Washing temperaturebe lowered. Modern products destroy germs despite low temperatures below 40 ° C. If the laundry is only moderately soiled, 30 ° C is sufficient. If a household member is sick, 40 ° C is better. Hot washes like 60 ° C or 90 ° C are almost unnecessary today. Those who do without pre-wash also save money. Prewashing is also no longer necessary due to the high quality of the detergents.

Buy washing machines properly use and maintain shoes wash

In order to protect laundry, you have to know the laundry symbols and interpret them correctly. In our guide to laundry symbols you will find all the information you need for correct laundry care. And if you are struggling with stubborn stains, it is worth taking a look at our article on the subject of “removing grease stains”.

The 1 × 1 for washing machine maintenance

If the machine smells bad, bacteria or defective drain pumps and residual water levels are usually responsible. First of all, a thorough cleaning of the machine makes sense to kill bacteria. A wash in the “Cottons” program can help. Because due to the fact that high temperatures are hardly necessary anymore, germs can collect in the drum in the long term. One hot wash a month is a preventive measure against odor development. If the drain pump is defective or no longer tight, the standing water in the lower part of the machine promotes bacterial growth. The stench is not long in coming. Sealing or repairing the pump is inevitable.

Buy washing machines properly, use and care for them

At the same time, residues in the detergent compartment and on the rubber seal on the porthole cause machines to smell. Residues can be removed with a clean cloth and citric acid. These machine parts should be washed out with hot water every week to prevent bacteria from getting a chance. Regular care is also part of the maintenance Cleaning the lint filter as well as the use of a descaler. These products have a disinfectant effect and protect the device from limescale deposits. As Washing machine descaler used, explains author Linda in the blog

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