Bathroom furnishings

Bathroom floor tiles have a practical and decorative value

Although the bathroom was a purely functional place several years ago, today it is not only used to maintain hygiene. It is also a real retreat where you can relax. From this you can conclude for yourself that the modern bathroom must be protected from dirt and mold at all costs. That is why an appropriate wall and floor design plays a key role in the bathroom. It is particularly advantageous to design the bathroom with tiles, because they protect the walls and floor from water and thus counteract the formation of mold. For this reason, today we want to draw your attention to bathroom floor tiles. Draw inspiration from how you can furnish your dream bathroom with matching tile patterns and motifs.

Give the bathroom an original look with attractive bathroom floor tiles

bathroom floor tiles modern bathroom furniture white walls

Why are bathroom floor tiles the best flooring in this room?

Surely a bathroom without floor tiles is a rare exception that proves the rule! Because tiles are mainly used in the bathroom and on the bathroom floor. Wall tiles can then be found in most bathrooms, which embellish the room and protect its walls.

Because you want to create an oasis of relaxation and a place of retreat at the same time, you are careful to create the right atmosphere in this room. The appearance of the tiles is therefore of considerable importance. But well-being in the bathroom of today also depends on the bathroom tiles having a very practical design. Indeed, how to choose the right floor tiles?

Large floor tiles are particularly popular in modern bathrooms

bathroom floor tiles large white floor tiles round wall mirrors

The Waseser splashes on the floor, leaving soap or shampoo residues: This happens every day in the bathroom and you should put on a floor covering that will survive for years. And which can be cleaned quickly and easily. One thing is clear: the bathroom floor tiles remain the best floor covering in the bathroom! Regular and easy-care cleaning is desirable in the bathroom. Fortunately, no dirt can stick to the smooth surface of the floor tiles, the floor is simply wiped up! Cleaning bathroom tiles is a very simple task. It is of course advisable to use special cleaning agents in order to maintain the beautiful shine of the tiles for longer.

A big advantage of bathroom floor tiles is their robustness. The large amounts of water do not deform them. So they remain resistant for years.

Qualitative floor tiles turn the bathroom into a great feel-good space

bathroom floor tiles creative floor design two-tone

Floor tiles with a matt look or glossy tiles?

Do the floor tiles in your bathroom have to be glazed or unglazed? One thing must be taken into account – non-slip tiles are a must in every bathroom. Pay attention to the slip resistance class! Glazed floor tiles should have a certain slip resistance, and unglazed fine stone tiles naturally offer high slip resistance anyway. The bathroom floor tiles should therefore have an anti-slip class R9, whereby they should correspond to an anti-slip class R11 in the shower area. Small-format floor tiles are therefore a good alternative for the bathroom floor. They have a high proportion of joints and thus ensure better slip resistance.

Put on non-slip bathroom floor tiles!

bathroom floor tiles gray mosaic look shower cubicle

Consider using underfloor heating in the bathroom, because warm floors dry faster and there is less risk of slipping. Since the tiles are made of ceramic in most cases, they conduct heat particularly well and also store it for a longer period of time.

Create an individual retreat with beautiful bathroom floor tiles

In addition to a high level of protection against moisture and moisture, floor tiles also have a decorative value. They serve as an excellent decorative element in the modern bathroom.

Well, the bathroom design can be created individually with matching bathroom tiles. The idea for your dream bathroom can be realized through any design. Not only wall tiles, but also floor tiles offer something for every taste and are successfully used as stylistic devices. Large floor tiles are particularly trendy these days. They make the bathroom appear spacious and stylish. And black tiles give the dream bathroom an extraordinarily dramatic touch. Anyone striving for a bathroom with a masculine look will hit the mark with black floor tiles!

Original flooring makes the bathroom look unique

bathroom floor tiles minimalist look concrete look decorate a large bathroom

The mosaic tiles, for example, offer a great opportunity to design the bathroom individually, because you can use them to set impressive accents. If, on the other hand, you want to create a peculiar atmosphere in your bathroom, go for tiles in bold colors. Tiles in different colors can separate areas in the bathroom.

Colored bathroom tiles for a fresh atmosphere

bathroom floor tiles colored floor tiles

A fresh start to the new day in a modern bathroom

bathroom floor tiles fashionable design white furniture

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom for a variety of reasons. We take care of our personal hygiene, refresh and make up here. It is mandatory to turn this ram into an oasis of well-being. Subtle or in bright colors, this unique place has to meet our needs.

Design a modern and functional bathroom with the right floor tiles, in which you can enjoy quality relaxation after the stressful everyday life and where you can recharge your batteries for the next day!

A colored flooring invites you to enjoy a pleasant stay in the modern bathroom

bathroom floor tiles colored colorful fresh bathroom design

Simple design ensures more peace and relaxation

bathroom floor tiles light floor tiles dark wall tiles shower cubicle

Create an inviting bathroom design

bathroom floor tiles brown floor tiles colors combine modern bathroom

Large floor tiles are easy to combine with other colors

bathroom floor tiles dark tiles fancy bathtub large wall mirror

bathroom floor tiles beautiful appearance modern look

bathroom floor tiles large floor tiles dark gray metro wall tiles

bathroom floor tiles bright design minimalist bathroom

bathroom floor tiles creative ideas bathroom design

bathroom floor tiles minimalist design cream-colored tiles

bathroom floor tiles modern look bathtub shower cubicle

bathroom floor tiles mosaic tiles colored flower pattern

bathroom floor tiles mosaic tiles white bathroom furniture

bathroom floor tiles beautiful pattern fresh bathroom design ideas