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Build your own washbasin – detailed instructions and practical tips

Classic washbasin

If you are creative, like to master something in your free time and love challenges, you might like the idea of ​​making a vanity yourself. This task is of course not easy, but in this article you will find detailed instructions as well as many practical tips on how to build a washbasin yourself. I wish you success!

Build your own washbasin – practical tips

Vanity unit with two sinks

Classic washbasin

Wooden washbasin

Vanity unit wood original design

DIY vanity

Wooden washbasin made of porcelain

If you want to build a washbasin yourself, you have to know that the task is difficult and time-consuming. The effort is definitely worth it and you will find satisfaction in your work because you have the opportunity to do something useful yourself. In addition, a homemade washstand with its original look can very quickly become an eye-catcher in the interior of the bathroom or kitchen. The following instructions describe in detail the construction of a washbasin. Follow the individual steps to get a nice result!

Necessary tools and materials

Washbasin puristic dark wood

If you want to build a vanity yourself, you need a lot of tools and materials. The power tools you will need are:

  • Jigsaw
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Eccentric sander
  • Fine spray system
  • drilling machine
  • Sinker
  • Sandpaper
  • eraser
  • Pencil and folding rule

And all the necessary materials from which the washbasin is made are: large laminated wood board, medium-density fibreboard, squared timber, countersunk head screws, chair angles or bar handles and wood varnish. You can of course find everything at the hardware store, as well as professional advice that can help you.

Build your own washbasin

Rustic washbasin

Step 1: Connect the middle panel and the upper shelves

Build your own washbasin instructions

DIY vanity unit determine the location of the parts

Once you’ve got everything you need, we’ll start building the vanity. The first thing you should do is connect the two upper floors and the middle panel. To do this, put the three parts in the shape of a double T and mark the back edges with a pencil so that you can later know which part goes where. Then find the cross-center line of the two shelves – the holes for screwing the center panel will be on this. Then drill two holes in each floor and use the cordless screwdriver to secure the construction.

Step 2: connect the body parts

Build your own washbasin Draw outlines

connect the body parts to one another

connect the body parts

Then you should connect the body parts together. Place the third floor and the double T on their visible edges. Mark their position in relation to each other with a pencil and then draw their outlines on both sides of all three floors. Drill three holes in the center of the outline so that the shelves can be screwed into the sides. For this purpose you will need the cordless screwdriver again. Use the same principle to screw the rear wall together: position it how you want to mount it and draw the outlines of the lower and middle floor on it. Drill five holes in the middle of the outline and mount with countersunk head screws.

Step 3: mount the cover plate

Build your own washbasins and mount the cover plate

DIY vanity cover plate and cover assemble

Build your own washstand practical tips

The next step is to assemble the cover plate – it is screwed through the top shelf from below. In the rear area, you should attach the plate to the sides with chair angles. The washbasin still needs a cover so that the drainage installation of the basin is covered. It is also fastened flush with the front edges with angles. To do this, lay the entire construction on its back: the distance between the cover and the outer edge of the right-hand side as well as this between the lower edge of the center shelf and the cover should be 5 mm. Finally cut the opening for the sink in the cover plate.

Step 4: connect the drawer parts

connect the drawer parts together

DIY vanity instructions connect the drawer parts

What remains is to connect the drawer parts with screws. The use of a drilling template is strongly recommended in order to position the holes correctly. Align the drawer parts so that the top is facing down. Then drill two holes for the screws in the sides of the front and back sections. Finally, drill two small holes in the front of the drawer to mount a handle. The drawer is already ready!

Step 5: final finishing touches

DIY vanity sanding the wood surfaces


Build the washbasin yourself and paint the final finishing touches

Build your own washbasin

Last but not least, you should sand the wooden surfaces, apply stain with the fine spray system and finally paint them with a clear varnish. Complete! It is not mandatory that you build exactly one vanity. A normal DIY wooden table will add a touch of country house to your bathroom. Let yourself be inspired by our design ideas with wooden vanity tops. If you were interested in this post, you will definitely like our other DIY projects and instructions.

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