Garage doors – these are the trends for 2017

Today almost every new building has a separately attached garage. Double or triple garages are built more often, especially where the individual plots are particularly large. Because the garage is not only a parking space for your own vehicle, but also often offers space for tools, discarded furniture, etc. A professional garage door is essential so that your own garage can fully meet the individual expectations of the customer.

Garage doors – much more than just practical components

In contrast to earlier times, when the individual garage door was only supposed to delimit the garage from the outside area, the gates now play a very important role. Because high-quality and professional products from specialists have a wide variety of character traits which, as a whole, determine the quality of each door. Which quality features these doors produce in detail is now explained in more detail below.

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Essential quality features of high-quality garage doors

The trends in garage doors for 2017 are clear: They are always based on the most important quality features that characterize high-quality garage doors. These include the following properties:


In times of high burglary rates, high-quality garage doors are characterized by a tested burglary protection. In addition, the stable construction testifies to a high-quality workmanship that will make break-ins even more difficult. TÜV-tested doors and products with the GS seal are also very popular items, as the respective safety aspects were objectively assessed here. Additional devices, such as special covers and protective devices for the individual elements, ensure safe use in everyday life.

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In addition to the pure product quality, high-quality garage doors are also characterized by a comprehensive service package from the provider. In addition to years of experience and numerous awards, the doors should also come with a long-term guarantee. In addition to the actual warranty period for the garage doors, the electronics and mechanics should also be covered separately.


The subject of “energy efficiency” is nowadays taken into account intensively in many construction areas – also in the area of ​​garage doors. Because high-quality products are designed to be extremely energy-efficient, as they consist of thermally separated panels. Although the doors close almost silently and stably, they have an integrated ventilation system that enables healthy air circulation inside the garage.

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Basically, an individually suitable garage door can be found for almost every property. In this way, you can not only choose between different color components, but also freely determine the different surfaces. In order to give the whole thing a very personal character, garage doors can also be provided with window elements and / or light strips.

The trends for 2017: Individual, safe and absolutely high quality

In the area of ​​garage doors, the trends for 2017 can be clearly defined: The products should be individual, safe and of high quality. In addition to the external appearance, the factors of your own safety also play a decisive role – as does the high-quality workmanship of the individual products. Because only a door that has modern components and is designed in accordance with the latest guidelines will be able to distinguish itself in the long term, both in terms of security and high quality.

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on For example, interested customers are not only presented with numerous types of different garage doors, but detailed information on the individual quality features of the doors is also presented. The provider is an experienced company that has been supplying its customers with high-quality and the latest technologies in the field of garage doors for years. Here, doors can be put together individually and specifically according to customer requirements.

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