Dome House: The new crisis architecture trend from Japan

Oval shaped polyurethane foam houses are the latest hit in contemporary architecture in Japan. The reason for this type of structural rediscovery is the increasing risk of natural disasters. Traditionally, Japan has had extreme problems with strong earthquakes. Due to climate change, it is expected that this tendency will even intensify. However, the devastating floods in Belgium, Holland and Germany in recent weeks have shown that the rapid construction of new small buildings is becoming more and more of a hot topic around the world. The least that can be done for those affected is to secure a relatively comfortable home for them after the horror experience. Dome House architecture draws ideas from history to do just that.

The architecture for times of crisis can sometimes have a very homely character

Dome House - trendy ideas - modern facade design

Tradition of round floor plans in architecture

Chukchi and Eskimos still live in small dome-shaped houses in certain areas. The appearance of the Dome House architecture clearly shows many stylistic relationships with these buildings. Round, oval or dome-shaped architecture was and is still common in many cultures for millennia.

Until the early Middle Ages, it dominated in several places even in Europe. So the quite exotic-appearing round floor plan actually represents a recourse to old traditions.

The modern interior design works excellently in the dome houses

Dome House interior design ideas

The advantages of domed structures

Constructive strength

Since we have been building predominantly in a rectangular shape for centuries and have taken high-rise buildings as the highest dimension for modern octurals, the advantages of the dome construction are less well known. The situation is different with modern small houses, which are becoming more and more of a trend. Dome houses are characterized by great stability. They increase your chances of survival in the event of earthquakes, and hurricanes other types of devastating storms. The framework of domed structures consists of constructive Triangles. They offer the greatest stability that one can imagine in nature. In addition, the specially used polyurethane foam is absolutely maintenance-free.

Dome-shaped polyurethane foam buildings could become dream homes

Dome House modern dream house ideas

Free flowing energy

From an esoteric point of view, too, there is a lot to be said for the domed buildings, which rise above simple round floor plans. For a long time, round or oval floor plans were probably chosen because of the evasive nature of edges and corners. According to esotericists, these generate aggression and negativism in the interior. Many ancient peoples also believed that the energy in the corner-free interior flows more freely and harmoniously. The popular Feng Shui building and design rules say the same thing.

Small buildings have a much weaker influence on the landscape of the inhabited areas

Dome House great view

Dome House – built in hours for centuries!

To set up such a dome house, you primarily need polyurethane foam. The one responsible for it Companies develops this according to special technology. These houses are assembled from prefabricated modules, which also ensures a certain degree of independence. Many could erect such structures with their own hands. The overall construction consists of this and can be set up super quickly. You could have a brand new home of this type completed in a matter of hours. The material is so stable that you can live in it for up to 300 years.

The external appearance could have a traditional as well as a trendy character

Felde Ideen Dome House Architecture Trends

Previous practical experience with Dome House architecture

This type of architecture is not a future project; it is already being used in practice in Japan. In recent years, the local population has had to deal with devastating strawberries very often. This also increases the need for it and the trend is taking hold. The building material can be supplied in different thicknesses and thus in different quality. The higher class is used for residential buildings and also has the best insulation properties. The other materials could sometimes be used to create small grocery stores or structures with other business functions.

You could always give your little dome house an individual character

Tiny house small building

The Dome House architecture and interior design trends

At first glance, the Dome House interior design appears to be a major challenge. But actually there are a lot of modern designer pieces in the modern architecture trends in oval and round shape. Some even represent a combination of these two design forms. These are, for example, shelves and surfaces in a semicircular shape. With furniture like this, you will be able to use the space as effectively as possible. In addition, you can be inspired by the Tiny House trend for the optimal use of vertical room design.

This is what a larger family house would look like in this style

great interior design - modern dome house ideas

Dome House settlements could look surprisingly modern

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