50 ideas for the perfect container house!

A highlight of the modular architecture in 2019 is definitely the popular container house. This newly developed idea is enjoying growing popularity, because a container house is suitable for every need and for every taste. The practical container house is a real alternative to the conventional variants for modern modular architecture. In this article, our editorial team would like to give a comprehensive overview of the creative container houses. Find out more details about the wide range of container houses in the following paragraphs!

The container house has a stylish look

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Container houses have a wide range of uses

The practical construction and the buildable design offer an extremely modern living space. Due to the large selection of models, the designs are suitable for holiday apartments, offices, wellness areas and living rooms. For this reason, the interest of millions of families and entrepreneurs has increased significantly.

The numerous floor plan variants are made of different materials, which ensure an individual and special appearance. The current container houses adapt to the environment, because the numerous types of facades are built from high-quality raw materials. This needs-based adaptation offers numerous advantages for the alternative single homes.

The practical shape can be easily redesigned and could be modernized with many new design ideas!

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How expensive are the container houses actually?

It’s no secret that the cost and model variants are low compared to traditional modular design ideas. The final price of the container house naturally depends on many factors that are decisive. First of all, you should select a specific model variant that is designed with the appropriate equipment. The most popular variants include the container houses with electricity and water connections, as well as with sanitary equipment such as shower and toilet. This “finished” container house costs around 10,000 euros. When it comes to a container without the extra equipment, different models are recommended that can be found on the second-hand market. These models start from 5000 euros and are preferred by people who already have the necessary basic knowledge of the basic equipment of a container.

Of course, there are unplanned costs for the interior design, which are a must. One example of this is the insulation and interior fittings of the container house. In the last place there are the costs for the erection of a heavy-duty crane, which are often forgotten.

Container houses are among the cheapest ideas for modular architecture.

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Elegant interior design for your container house

The interior design of the container could be designed according to your own taste. The wall and floor design can easily be redesigned. This means that you can use different colors, tiles and ornaments made of wood without any problems. Another advantage of the container houses is that, thanks to the simple steel construction, various individual elements can be cut out. This number means practical entrances, glass fronts and great windows. This ensures perfect living comfort and a great atmosphere.

Tiles as a wall design for the container house? A great idea!

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An exterior design of your choice

One thing is for sure: the exterior design can be designed according to your own taste and offers numerous variants. The elegant appearance of the container house is a must and more and more people are experimenting with various clever color and material combinations. One of the most popular variants is the mix of black and wooden ornaments. According to statistics, container house owners prefer the natural look and the use of wood plays a significant role.

A great alternative to the wood look is the color of the container houses. For many people, the use of bright colors is the perfect solution for an attractive appearance of the small smart houses. Green, red, orange and blue are among the most popular shades and attract curious glances from afar!

Which exterior design do you like best? The combination of wood and steel looks like one of the best options, or ?

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Build a container house yourself? You have to be aware of that!

Do you live near a large port city? Then you have a great advantage, because the procurement of sea containers is much easier and cheaper. But buying the small modules is not everything. Conventional construction depends on a few factors that need to be considered before buying. In the first place, the prepared foundation is of greater importance. This type of ground preparation is a must for the desired location in the container house.

An important point is the good insulation of the container. The reason for this is that the indoor temperature depends a lot on the amount of sunlight. This ambient temperature could have negative effects on the container house. An example of this is the cold ventilation in winter, which, without appropriate insulation, could quickly transform the container house into a real refrigerator!

If you pay attention to the most important details, then you can build a successful container house yourself

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After we have presented some interesting and imaginative details about the container houses, we would like to present a very well-selected picture gallery of 50 ideas that are currently in trend!

Do you already have experience with containers? Then you can build an atypical shape from several models

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Give your container house a natural look

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Holiday apartments in the shape of a container house are positioned easily and practically

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Choose an attractive color for your container house

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Multiple container houses secure space for multiple rooms and even a garage for your cars

Tips to build a container house

A highlight in the modular architecture

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